Costa Blanca

kosta_blankaAnyone who chooses a new residence is primarily responsible to himself the question: why is this point on the map, but not another? Many people believe Spain – is the sea and the sun. Tell you a secret that is not all. Spain – a country of fiestas. By the number of celebrated holidays of the year it has no equal among European states. Holiday – a style of Spanish life. Perhaps due to the festive lifestyle and Spaniards managed to maintain health: life expectancy SPAIN TAKES FIRST PLACE IN EUROPE. Costa Blanca  – coast in the south-east of Spain contains all the diversity of this country. 212 kilometers of coastline, almost half – the beaches. From the very sand color, which gave its name to the coast – White Beach. This part of the land on the one hand washes the sea, and on the other reliably protect mountain peaks that are not passed on the Costa Blanca North air masses. Therefore, the climate here is incredibly soft, so every year for a vacation on the Costa Blanca tourists come from all over the world. Europe’s largest number of sunny days per year (over 300), moderate prices and service, hotels for every taste and Add security to this regular Aviacharter Alicante – Moscow – Alicante and you will agree that if there is paradise on earth, the he is here. City of Alicante, the capital of the eponymous province, occupies a central position on the Costa Blanca, is located in a bay between two headlands. But most of the tourists did not ride in the capital itself, and in its suburbs and coastal towns and cities, famous beaches of San Juan, Benidorm, Denia, Altea, Javea, Guardamar, La Mata, Torrevieja and many others. Peak season begins in the last week of June, when vacationers and locals celebrate the feast of St. John (San Juan), which bears the name of Night of Fire (Hogueras). That night around the city more than two hundred ignited fires – an unforgettable sight! Fiesta lasts continuously for four consecutive days and the whole city rejoiced, from small to large. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAV 19 km west of Alicante is Europe’s largest forest of palm trees, forming an oasis of thick greenery around the city of Elche. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA During his palm grove of Elche 200,000 trees included in the UNESCO catalog cities with culture heritage of global significance. A trip to a small island Tabarka are becoming increasingly popular among holidaymakers in Alicante. Quiet fishing villages, old forts, restaurants with sea food, rocky shore with clear water, caves and tidal pools, ideal for swimming – all contribute to a complete relaxation and pleasant mood. One of the most popular tourist sites – an old well-preserved castle of Santa Barbara, through their narrow slits vigilantly watch the sea, sitting on a 166 -meter hill. In the surrounding area of ​​the town Alicante in Santa Pola (direction Torrevehu) you can see the salt lakes occupied by flocks of pink flamingos. Water and mud in these lakes in its composition and properties are not inferior to the famous healing qualities of the Dead Sea. And one more important detail: 60 kilometers from Alicante worth Orthodox Cathedral Michael 156325-5927-Altea-TownhouseArhangela – the first Russian church on Spanish soil. 156325-5927-Altea-Townhouse When people talk about the Costa Blanca, immediately reminded of sandy beaches, citrus orchards, almond trees, folk festival Fallas and Paella. Here you will enjoy the sun and beaches, wonderful climate and prefer their favorite sport. Everyone will find here at your leisure. Here, the warm water in the summer and fall, which allows sunbathing even in the winter on the numerous beaches similar to each other one – cleanliness. From year to year they are awarded the blue flag of the European Communities. Blue flag on the beach – the certificate of cleanliness and excellent service, and Valencia Community – holds the largest number of blue flags in Europe. In the 60-ies. XX century there arose a tourist boom. Costa Blanca has become one of the favorite holiday destinations for Spaniards and visitors from abroad. Gained the most popularity Benidorm (Benidorm) known for its modern hotels and the best discos. medie-azaro-turism-1053-855 Tourists are attracted here orchards and palm groves, parks and the sea. Anyone can ride on boats, yachts or water skiing. And fans observe the life of the deep sea is offered immersion in a special vessel with a transparent bottom, like a ship’s Captain Nemo, and if you want to see wild animals in their natural natural landscape, offers a nature reserve near Benidorm.cafe_hopping_at_night   Night city streets, and especially Benidorm filled noisy crowd and begins “paseo” (walk) on bars. It seems that never sleeps Benidorm. Costa Blanca – a unique resort that is suitable for both active and relaxing pastime. A large number of entertainment, beautiful scenery, gostiprimnaya setting – this is what awaits you. Having visited this place once, you will not want to leave it. .